Our renewable and compostable cutlery is made to last when you need it - like when you're eating something warm - and break down when you don't - after you toss it in the compost bin.

High-heat tolerance, up to 200° F.

Renewable & Compostable Plantware® Cutlery is the only choice for compostable cutlery with a high-heat tolerance. New formulation offers strength and heat tolerance up to 200° F without relying on unsustainable virgin plastic resources. 100% renewable, BPI certified compostable and ASTM compliant.

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7 in. Black Compostable Fork / 6 in Black Compostable Knife / 6 in Black Compostable Spoon
7 in. Red Compostable Fork / 6 in Red Compostable Knife / 6 in Red Compostable Spoon
7 in. White Compostable Fork / 6 in White Compostable Knife / 6 in White Compostable Spoon
7 in. Yellow Compostable Fork / 6 in Yellow Compostable Knife / 6 in Yellow Compostable Spoon
Compostable French Fry Scoop