About LUC Provisions

Let Us Compost has been helping Athens residents compost their food-scraps for over 7 years, and now it's time to spread compost culture even further. Through our existing relationships with compostable wares manufacturers, we can sell compostable plates, utensils, straws, bowls, and more to restaurants in Athens and beyond at low wholesale rates - and deliver them right to your doorstep.

What do you sell?

Almost every single-use ware is available in a compostable alternative through our selection of providers. Though cold cups remain one of our favorite products, we also have hot cups, lids, sleeves, straws, utensils, bags, plates, bowls, clamshells, catering wares, and more! We primarily stock Eco-Products, our favorite friends in Boulder, Colorado, who also help us produce custom, branded wares in high quantities and at low cost. And if Eco-Products doesn't have what you need, one of our other manufacturers surely will!

Who do you sell to?

Anyone! While we mostly work with restaurants and event planners, selling case quantities, we also sell to individuals, offices, and schools.

How do I buy?

Head on over to our B2B Portal and request access. We'll approve you within a day (though most likely instantly), and then you'll be able to log in and see everything we have to offer, with live prices! Then, when you're ready to order, you can place wares in your cart and check-out online, or email us and wait for an invoice. For commonly-ordered wares we have in stock, we can deliver next-day. If we don't have what you want in our warehouse, we'll place an order. Most orders arrive within 3 business days and will be delivered promptly after arrival.

How do I compost?

The Athens Clarke County Solid Waste Department is responsible for commercial compost pick-up in Athens. To apply to have your compostable wares and food scraps picked up, fill out this application and send to solidwaste@accgov.com.

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